2018 Bake Sale Rock Stars and Top Fundraisers

Rock Stars

Thank You for Your Hard Work!

Congratulations to our Top 10 Fundraisers and all of our Bake Sale Rock Stars. Thanks to you, kids across the country are eating more breakfast at school, are accessing summer meals and have the opportunity to just be kids.

Top 10 Fundraising Teams

Gina Reardon
KC Culinary Community Bake Sale
The Great Chappaqua Bake Sale
Rebecca Blum, Sophia and Charlotte Spiegel
HealthMatters Bake Sale
W.R Grace
Chalmette Refinery
Domino Sugar
SE Cupp
Coverys Cares 2018
Melissa Arcia
Pina & Layla’s Bake Sale
2018 Stifel Dough for Kids
Julie Dant
Tuxedo Park Bake Sale 2018
Linda Strohmeyer
PMI Gives Bake Sale 2018
Emily Neapolitan

2018 Bake Sale Rock Stars

Members of the Bake Sale Rock Stars, our club for top fundraising bake sale teams, raised more than $1,000 through their bake sale efforts. Do you want to be a Rock Star but need help with your bake sale? Email us at bakesale@strength.org and we will help you reach your goal.

Lauren Banks

Food for All

Amy Crowell

Concierge Society of Atlanta

Gemma Stafford

Bigger Bolder Baking Pop Up Bake Sale

Alia Lambert

Team Buttercream

Emily Dillon

Cookies for Kids

Ava Rosario

Baking Away Hunger

Hollis Wright


Cheryl Garrett


Victoria Hayes

Lamborghini/Super Car Saturday

Dawn Jordan

Baking The World A Sweeter Place

Muriel Carpentier

2018 Quotient Bake Sale

Gail Fitzpatrick

Dylan and Caitlin SOS Bake Sale

Yolanda McKinnon


David Molinar

Odessa College Baking

Tolisa Watkins Jones

Baking a Difference Again